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Lingkar Sehat Indonesia is a waqf institution in Indonesia that manages waqf donations through various programs designed to improve the welfare of present and future generations.

Let's Waqf 


To become the best and most trusted National NGO in raising productive waqf funds and distributing them for the economic empowerment of the people. 


  • Leading in managing Productive Waqf Assets in Health & Education. 
  • Professional in providing benefits to maukuf alaih. 
  • Synergize with all parties in developing productive waqf management.

Organizational Structure

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Thank God, we humbled ourselves in front of Allah rabbul izzati until the release of the Indonesian Healthy Circle. Accompanied by shalawat and greetings to inspiring people, role models for the people, the main human being of the Prophet Muhammad, his family, his loyal friends and followers of the message fighters until the end of time.


The course of world history records the development of the world's ups and downs of investment instruments. Various investment products appear lost, ups and downs. Investments in stocks, money markets, mutual funds and finally digital-based investments, bit coins, crypto currencies and so on. None of these instruments, even though they last a long time, is able to build civilization, directly and consistently benefiting the world community to this day. The failure of all these investment products is because they are material-based, individualistic, and ambitious. Surprisingly, this investment model is still a trend center, as if "it's not stylish if you don't follow it" is sad.


World history records that waqf in Islam is a form of investment that has been around for thousands of years which has become a tradition, characteristic, and even a lifestyle that is ingrained in Islamic society in every era. Waqf is proven to be able to build civilization every period of its era, becoming a "Legacy" which is passed down to the next era that still survives to this day, its benefits continue to flow for the people even though changing times. An investment that is proven to never go bankrupt because it is based on faith, devotion, sincerity, and mutual cooperation. Waqf is an investment product that is eternal because it comes from God.


Unfortunately, now waqf has been abandoned by its legal owner, namely this people. People are more interested in empty promises of investments that are proven to fail.


Lingkar Sehat Indonesia together with waqf volunteers and donors dream of restoring the glory of waqf starting from this archipelago.


Wassalammualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.


Indonesian Waqf Board

Akta Notaris :  No.02/ 12 Juli 2019 Notaris R Tunggul Nirboyo, SH.,Sp.N

Nomor Induk Berusaha :  1242001421936

SK Kemenhumham RI :  AHU-0009956.AH.01.04.Tahun 2019

NPWP :  42.073.880.9-043.000